Benson Oluwasina

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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been quite industrious, trying to make something out of nothing and seeking creative ways to achieve things I wanted. I never stopped till I got what I wanted. I wanted a pair of shoes that I couldn’t afford, so I sold some snacks to people in my neighbourhood in order for me to acquire them.

This resilient attribute of mine is how I was able to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria, despite the challenges. It has always motivated me to get well established and set a good foundation for my generations to come.

My parents knew what needed to be done, but making the decision to upsize was hard and financially strenuous. This caused a lot of tension in my family growing up. There was no privacy in our home, it was a small space for our growing family. 

This experience was eye-opening for me even as I started my own family. It made me see the importance of finding the right home for my growing family. I remember how excited I was when we moved to a bigger house that met all our needs – we finally had a place that ticked all the boxes. It didn’t just give us more space, it changed how we operated as a family.

I am passionate about helping other individuals and families to make smart decisions when buying and selling real estate!

When I moved to Canada, I knew that I wanted to create that same stability that had been so important for my own family and me and that I wanted to help others make wise decisions when Buying and Selling Real Estate.


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